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Cranes and Transports Mavi

Cranes Mavi

For the lifting and handling of loads in Cranes and Transport Mavi we have a series of cranes with different characteristics to cover the needs of our customers, both nationally and internationally.

We have great experience and qualified personnel to carry out the most complex operations, carrying out maneuvering studies and working for the most qualified companies in the sector, being able to give the best service in both price and quality.

Cranes and Transports Mavi

Transports Mavi

In cranes and transport MAVI, we have technical equipment (gondolas, extensible and lowered platforms) of high level and a desire for continuous improvement that allow us to offer our customers a perfect conjugation Of Quality and Service in Special Transports.

To achieve this purpose we have large tonnage machinery as well as loader blades and both metallic and concrete structures.

We have all relevant permits and qualified staff to verify the feasibility of other possible services.

Cranes and Transports Mavi was founded in 2006 by two partners: D. Manuel Pérez  y D. Virgilio Reolid.

The commercial name of the company is acronym of the first two syllables of their names: (MA-VI).

In 2007 the company became the exclusive property of D. Virgilio Reolid, thus marking a family character that remains to this day.

The evolution and experience have been constant, and this experience has been directed to satisfying, the need to find new ways to meet the highest demands, creating a nexus of responsibility shared with our customers. Getting ahead of your needs and understanding complexity is in many cases the basis of our daily doing.

All this, backed by the security and the most relevant systems of compliance of regulations as demanding as the present ones.

Quality and Safety are basic for a good execution of a project.

In Mavi based on the firm purpose of fully satisfying the demands of our customers, we currently have an extensive fleet of vehicles, which allows us to meet the needs required by the market.

Crane trucks, gondolas, or all the necessary materials for dismantling, loading and technical assistance, are part of our varied fleet of vehicles that, together with a highly qualified and experienced human team, enables us to perform with confidence the jobs that require Great skill and experience.